【12 cans/BOX】Black Rice Tea <10pcs tea bags * 12can : total 120 pcs tea bags>

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It is a gentle tea that is healed by a relaxing scent and color.

【12 cans /BOX】120pcs tea bags

◆Put 1 pack in 150 cc of hot water, wait for about 5 minutes, shake the tea bag slightly in the hot water, and then take it out.
◆It is a tea that is easy to drink even if it is cold tea.
◆This tea is rich in polyphenol (anthocyanin) and is easy to drink.
◆The flavor is adjusted with a small amount of lemon powder.
◆Recommended for those who have limited sugar. Does not contain caffeine.

◆1 can contains 10 tea bags 【12 cans /BOX】120pcs tea bags

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