【100g package * 200pcs / BOX】Red rice (Ancient rice) packaging with zipper

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For "realistic" Japanese food. You can differentiate at low cost with colorful finish and healthy food image.

【100g package * 200pcs / BOX】

◆If you mix 3-10% with white rice, it will be delicious rice with reddish light pink color. The unique mochi scent is also good.
◆Rich in tannin, a kind of polyphenol that has been attracting attention as a healthy food.
◆Because red rice is non-polished rice, it is rich in minerals such as vitamin B1 and magnesium.

◆Rice is carefully selected one by one with a color sorter. High quality red rice that is fully colored.
◆There is also a commercial package. <2kg x 10 bags/box, 5kg x 4 bags> Please contact us.
◆ Toyama City, where red rice is produced, is one of the largest rice producing areas in Japan. Please take this opportunity to enjoy rice grown in this region, which is rich in snowmelt water, and made with high agricultural technology.

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