【12pcs/BOX wholesale】【BABY FOOD】Beniakamaigayu (紅赤米粥) Porridge for Baby (pre-heated rice powder)【80g Stand-Pack with zipper】

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Quick and easy cooking only by mixing hot water.(can be water)

◆A rice flour baby food with improved taste for infants.
◆It is convenient because you can adjust the amount and softness you want to use.

◆ Because it can be carried at room temperature, it is light and convenient when going out. It can also be used as an emergency food.
◆Red rice (赤米)5% mixed with Koshihikari (こしひかり)  produced in Japan.
◆Smooth texture just by mixing hot water. You can enjoy good taste of rice.
◆Can be widely used depending on cooking, such as "Thickening".
◆No additives are used

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