Manda enzyme rice (万田酵素米)KOSHIHIKARI "Hattyou-rice:八町米" 5kg polished rice / shipping from TOYAMA JAPAN

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It is 5 kg of the [made in year (2017) polished rice(精米)] Manda enzyme rice (万田酵素米) KOSHIHIKARI  "Hattyou-rice:八町米" 5kg shipping from TOYAMA JAPAN

It is special cultivated rice which using Manda enzyme<万田酵素>,popular in JAPAN.
Using Mada enzyme effectively, crop becomes rich in addition to germination and promotion of rooting. Local JA(Japan-Agricultural-cooperative)instructs and manages the use of manure and the pesticide. This bland trademark is registred by JA(Agricultural cooperative)-NANOHANA.

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