Red Rice Flour【1kg package * 20pcs / Total 20kg BOX】( 1kg package with zipper )

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For gluten-free foods such as bread and sweets.

◆The colorful and healthy image can be differentiated at low cost.
◆By mixing a few percent of the whole, you can process light purple food. It also adds a touch of brown rice.
◆Since red rice is brown rice, it contains abundant minerals such as vitamin B1 and magnesium.
◆Red rice, which has been attracting attention as a healthy food, contains a rich amount of polyphenol, "tannin".

◆ The rice is carefully selected one by one using a color sorter. High quality red rice was air-flow crushed.
◆Since it is milled a little coarsely, you can enjoy the feeling of brown rice in addition to the color.
◆ Toyama City, where red rice is produced, is one of the largest rice-producing regions in Japan. Please take this opportunity to enjoy rice grown in this region, which is rich in snowmelt water in the Northern Alps, and made with high agricultural technology.

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